Golden Software Grapher/ 2D & 3D Data Modeling + Mapping

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Golden Software Grapher is the ideal platform when someone wants to represent their digital data in the form of 2D and 3D graphics.  You can create many informative graphs that show all capabilities of data. It offers customized options to convey complex ideas to understand the information in all manners.

Golden Software Grapher

Grapher Software’s free data analysis program is described the whole data in mathematical terms and increases the quality and clarity of research results. This program is designed by Golden Software, that is a scientific graphics software company, to help customers relate to mining, oil/gas, engineering, applied science, and many university settings. It provides full support to explore new ideas and bring solutions to scientific problems. Many universities and other data establishment companies trust this program for molding, mapping, graphing, and analysis.

Golden Software For Windows creates exciting graphs and plots for presentations, papers, marketing, analysis, sales, and much more. It makes graph-making easy and offers various options to select the data file and atomically select the default settings for the new graph. Golden Software Grapher allows you to change tick mark spacing, tick labels, axis labels, axis length, grid lines, line colors, symbols, styles, etc. You can export the graph for publication and presentation in many formats and on many devices.

What is the Grapher Software used for?

This is a full-featured scientific graphic packaging program, that allows users to import data in any format, then create and combine a wide variety of 2/3D plot types and customize the plots in various infinite details.

Is Grapher Software a free program?

It offers a free 14 days test drive for users. You do not need to buy or purchase. For installation, it requires administrator rights with standard user account logging.

Golden Software Grapher Advance Features:

  • It has multiple breaks on a single axis and each factor can be formatted with a symbol and indicator.
  • Graphs show Inverse relationships on linked axes such as the relationship between temperature and energy.
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  • Specify custom colors via RGB values to color scatter plot symbols.
  • Add annotations, and descriptions, and draw objects.
  • Allow the users to import data in many formats.
  • Filter data in and out of plots.
  • Format axis parameters, multiple axes scale as linear, logarithmic natural logarithm with date and time.
  • Display statistical reports.

How To Install?

  1. Download the setup file of the Golden Software Grapher 2023 version from Crackedonly.
  2. Install the program.
  3. Open the program on the desktop screen.
  4. Run the program for 14 days trial period.

It makes your work smart and easy, not hard with many automatic options and sample scripts. Keep in touch to appreciate our little efforts.

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